to Ingrid(†) and Guido Haase's web gallery!

By our photos we would like to show you in which a fascinating region of Germany we are living. We also take a look at our neighbours Austria, South Tyrol and Switzerland.

Enjoy your visit and have a nice stay while browsing our „Bavarian picture book”.

Terms of use

All photos are available in sizes up to 8,000x8,000 pixel (square) respectively 14,000x5,200 pixel (panorama). The color depth is 48 bits.

In the reduced size shown here, they can be used according to the license described below.

If you need the higher resolution pictures, please contact us beforehand.


All photos are published under Creative Commons License 3.0 Germany (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 DE)

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Any other kind-of-use requires our prior written Agreement.